Hand Painted White Shell Stretch Bracelet 0.60 ctw.


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Hand Painted White Shell Stretch Bracelet 0.60 ctw. 

The sheer simplicity of this exotic hand-painted white shell stretch bracelet is what makes it a collector’s catch. Forged in a white shell, this stretch bracelet deserves to be adored every day. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this exotic piece.
  • FLORAL DESIGN: The floral patterns on the bracelet speaks an enchanting tale of beauty
  • MADE IN WHITE SHELL: The bracelet is forged in a white shell, known for its natural elegance and strength
  • EXTENSIVE FINISH: With an extensive finish, the bracelet is naturally graceful and tarnish resistant
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: This bracelet will be a kind companion to your skin and will keep skin issues at bay
  • VERSATILE: Let this bracelet be the enchanting companion to all of the wonderful apparels in your wardrobe
  • THE VIBE: Adorn this exotic bracelet and carry the joyful vibes of flowers with you
  • SIZE: The bracelet stretches upto 8 inches


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